(NaturalNews) One hundred forty children and 10 staff members at Boston’s Condon Elementary School are among the latest to be impacted by a possible norovirus outbreak. There were concerns that parents and those using the school for community activities such as voting may have been put at risk, but according to a spokeswoman for Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, it’s believed that cause for concern is unnecessary, as the school was thoroughly cleaned.(1)

Cleanliness is essential when it comes to staving off and fighting norovirus, something which principal Robby Chisholm is taking seriously. Additional soap, hand sanitizer and wipes are more commonplace in the school now.

Furthermore, Chisholm has been involved in ongoing communication with parents, sending informative flyers to students’ homes and providing them with messages at the onset of the virus’s spread. When the outbreak first occurred, she told parents that “Teams were onsite today cleaning the school so we can stop any further illness spread. For those of you who have children who are ill, we will make sure to catch them up on their schoolwork when they come back — we just want them to focus on getting healthy soon.”(1)

It was also advised that childrenwho were sickened with norovirus should remain home until they are free of symptoms, which typically include vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea, for 24 hours.

The virus is transmitted through contaminated food and water supplies, as well as person-to-person contact, and is commonly spread in areas where there are closely confined quarters such as schools, cruise ships, prisons and camps.(2)

Norovirus has hit other schools recently

This isn’t the first time norovirus has hit school systems.

This October, a foodborne illness was eyed as playing a role in a suspected outbreak in Indiana’s Peifer Elementary School, where nearly 130 students were sickened and remained out of school.(3) Like Condon Elementary School, utmost attention to cleanliness was given priority, and a cleaning solution provided by the Department of Health was used virtually everywhere in the school.

Written by Jennifer Lilley
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