We are definitely living in the last days. Whether you believe in Christ’s Return or not, our very way of life is about to change.

The writings on the wall so you better be prepared for whatever.

Daniel Crane
Christian Patriots

4 thoughts on “A Big Warning! EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS ABOUT TO CHANGE 2014”
  1. Your video starts out by showing the excess and display of the very powerful – truly creepy. Just as bad, is the commonplace mean-spiritedness in society – and how it is often elevated as entertainment or style.

    Still, we know there has always been darkness in the world. In response, we may notice and support the multitudes of people and groups who are working hard to make the world a better place. Their efforts may not be shocking or titillating enough to get news coverage, but they are there.

    Just on WordPress alone, there are so many bloggers (like you) who care and share. There are kindness blogs, environmental blogs, faith blogs, constructive political blogs, etc. I find it encouraging that so many people spare the time and effort to try to uplift the world in some way – with the humble tool of a free blog.

    Anyway, no matter how bad the world may seem, it looks like you are another who is committed to the good fight. Thank you.

    1. Wow JoAnn… Thanks for your encouraging words. It means a lot and I say thanks. I often wish there was more I could do. I’m trying my best..
      Have a blessed day.

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