Religious leaders speak to police officers during a demonstration at the Ferguson Police Department in Ferguson, Missouri, October 13, 2014. (Reuters/Jim Young)

Gun stores in and around Ferguson, Missouri are reporting a surge in sales as area residents and the activists who have gathered there from around the country wait to hear if a local police officer will be charged in the death of an unarmed teenager.

Retailers like Metro Shooting Supplies in Bridgeton, MO have seen gun sales triple in recent days, KMOV News reported this week, and similar shops throughout the region are reporting that items are flying off the shelves, apparently amidst fears that the impending grand jury decision concerning Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson may rekindle violent demonstrations.

Sales on Friday were at a “fevered pitch,” Metro’s Steven King told KMOV, with the store selling over 100 guns in only three days instead of a more routine 30 weapons or so.

“This is very abnormal,” King told the station.“With all the rumors on the internet, they are saying every neighborhood is unsafe, there is a possibility of a strike in any neighborhood.”

According to CNN, similar shops in the Show-Me State are experiencing the same type of uptake as a grand jury gets closer to deciding if Wilson will be indicted over the officer-involved shooting death of Michael Brown, 18, earlier last year. A shooting range in Bridgeton visited by the network, for example, said sales there had surged by up to 50 percent within recent days; Dan McMullen, a local insurance man, told the station that he brings an “extra gun” with him to his Ferguson office now after demonstrations in town during the last few weeks left businesses looted or, worse, burned to the ground.

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