Neocons come out of the woodwork as Republicans gain majority


Now that the congressional game of musical chairs is over and Republicans have most of the chairs, it’s time for the Bush-era neocons to come out of the woodwork.

For instance, former Secretary of State and CFR darling Condi Rice.

Rice told Fox, the closest thing neocons have to their own news network, that Americans “don’t like the world that they get when the United States is not deeply engaged and deeply involved,” in other words invading small countries and killing people for the sake of banks and transnational corporations.

“What we’re seeing is that when the United States steps back and speaks softly, nobody listens,” she said.

So now is the time to dust off the Bush legacy, not that it is significantly different than the foreign policy legacy attributed to the current teleprompter reader in the White House. “And so I think the American people are ready, I think the world is ready, for stronger American leadership,” Condi said.

Written by KURT NIMMO
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