According to a new study The Associated Press reported on today, more than 700 kids have wound up in the hospital after injuries sustained from those squishy laundry detergent pods — the latest craze in laundry care.

All the mainstream laundry brands have them: Tide, All, Gain, Purex, you name it. Apparently children are often mistaking the multi-colored little pods for candy or other edibles and winding up in the emergency room. Thousands of kids are sickened by laundry pods every year. In one case, a grandmother mistook one of the pods for a teething toy, likely because they just so happen to look awfully similar, and put it in her nine-month-old granddaughter’s mouth. They had to rush the baby to the ER.


The pods on the right look a lot like candy, pacifiers and teething rings on the left, don’t they?
(Photo: University of Virginia Health System)

All told, some 17,230 calls to U.S. poison control centers involved children and laundry pods; 769 of those kids had to be hospitalized. The worst results included over 140 eye injuries, 30 comas and 12 seizures. Some kids had to be put on ventilators. The symptoms that your child may have eaten one of these things include excessive vomiting, wheezing and/or gasping for air, extreme sleepiness, and severe throat or eye irritation.

Written by Melissa Melton
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