TUPELO, Miss. – A number of Christians are expressing outrage after a popular cereal company recently used Tony the Tiger in a print advertisement promoting “gay pride.”

“Wear your stripes with pride,” an advertisement featuring the Frosted Flakes icon, was reportedly published in the Atlanta, Georgia pride guide last month to coincide with the city’s homosexual pride march and festival. Kellogg had served as one of the sponsors for the event.

“At Kellogg, we’re an evolving culture that respects and accepts employees’ sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression so that all employees can be authentic and fully engaged,” the advertisement reads.

It also provides a seal noting that Kellogg had been recognized by the homosexual advocacy group Human Rights Campaign as one of the “best places to work” because of its “LGBT equality,” as well as a K-Pride and Allies logo.

Written by Heather Clark
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5 thoughts on “Christians Outraged as Kellogg Uses Tony the Tiger in ‘Gay Pride’ Advertisement”
  1. This is my first exposure to Tony “the gay pride” Tiger. This world has changed immensely since I grew up drawing pictures of Kellogg’s characters hoping to win their annual contest.

  2. Kellogg’s has just lost another customer and a very good customer at that. Hope they can explain all this to GOD when the time comes . He has already told us in his word what he thinks. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, God Bless

    1. God bless you Harry! Thanks for your support. Such a tragedy, sadly it’s the new trend. I recently posted an article on a farmer being sued for not letting homosexuals get hitched on their land and Starbucks openly supporting homosexuality in commercials. Keep looking up!

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