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Popping by the store for a pack of smokes may soon be a thing of the past in a central Massachusetts town, which is mulling an outright ban on the sale of all tobacco products within city limits. If approved, it would be the first such ban in the US.

Board of Health officials in Winchester, Massachusetts, a small town of 7,700, are set to hold a public hearing to discuss the proposed tobacco ban with townspeople on Wednesday, AP reports.

Town health agent Elizabeth Swedberg, a proponent of the ban, believes it is a reasonable response to a frustrating and persistent problem.

The tobacco companies are really promoting products to hook young people,” Swedberg said. “[Change] has to start somewhere.”

Critics cite concerns about the effect the ban will have on local businesses. Store owners and smokers fear a ban will do little to curb actual smoking, and expect that it will merely drive those gasping for a smoke to neighboring to

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