The nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa and publicly fought quarantine orders in New Jersey and Maine after returning to the United States last month has decided to move away from her home state, a newspaper in Maine reported.

Yahoo News is reporting that Kaci Hickox, a nurse who returned to the United States last month after treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone and was quarantined in a tent outside a hospital in New Jersey for four days despite showing no symptoms of the Ebola virus.

Kaci Hickox and Ted Wilbur
Kaci Hickox and Ted Wilbur

Hickox and her boyfriend, Ted Wilbur, a man who is ignoring the obvious dangers, plans to leave Maine immediately following the expiration of the November 10th imposed quarantine.
Wilbur and Hickox are not saying where the couple plans to relocate to. Hickox and Wilbur stated that will be not commenting any further.

The Laci Hickox PSYOPS

The Laci Hickox debacle stinks to high heaven. Hickox’s present attorney, Norman Siegel, just coincidentally is connected to Obama. Siegel happened to be an official guest at the White House State Dinner on February 11, 2014. Here is the White House document which established Hickocx’s  attendance at the official gathering in which the President attended. According to the Daily Caller, Hickox was listed as an active” EIS officer as recently as July 18, 2014, as indicated by CDC documents. Given the timing of this event, Hickox is not just a CDC intelligence officer, it is very likely that she is working for the CIA as well.

 Laci Hickcox is quite clearly a part of an elaborate PSYOPS operation. What is the goal?  Hickox was undoubtedly destined and purposefully designed  to lose the quarantine battle  which would establish, in the American public’s mind, the authority of the government to quarantine (i.e. imprison) any sick or well person.

More Main Stream Media Lies

Hickcox and her boyfriend are serving one purpose and one purpose only, namely, to reinforce the legitimacy of the government’s right to quarantine people WITHOUT SYMPTOMS.

This opens the door to forced incarceration for conditions other than Ebola. The conditions of quarantine could consist of people with a persistent and feverish desire for freedom, those who have the fatal condition of supporting the Second Amendment and of course the government must protect itself from the highly contagious condition known as a steadfast devotion to the Bill of Rights.


All of the aforementioned political viruses are fatal if treated by this administration. Quarantining an individual for any of the aforementioned conditions which support the irrational virtues of liberty are akin to going into a hospice. In other words, you will not come out alive.

To Kaci Hickox, I say to you, “Mission accomplished”. It is time for you to fade from public view and await your next CDC intelligence operation assignment.



  1. It’s hard to take this article seriously, as you’ve not sourced your information and it’s all supposition not based in fact. Additionally, at least half the time you spell her name incorrectly–Laci Hickox or Hickocx? Choose one, the right one, or shut up.

    Christian Patriots? What would Jesus do?

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