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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police and the family of a 5-year-old girl fatally shot while sitting on her grandfather’s lap pleaded for the public’s help Saturday in finding the shooter, while also announcing the girl’s heart had been donated to help another child.

Police Chief Edward Flynn said he would keep a photo of Laylah Petersen in his chest pocket, next to the photos of his own grandchildren, until suspects are arrested. Laylah was on the couch when one of a dozen bullets fired into her grandparents’ home came through a wall and struck her in the head.

“She is going to be in our hearts, like her little baby heart is going to be in somebody else’s,” he said during an emotional news conference with Laylah’s parents, grandparents and other relatives, with even Flynn getting choked up. “We know that as awful as this event has been, she is going to live on and save a life.”

Written by CARRIE ANTLFINGER Associated Press
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