SALEM, Mass. – A video showing a little girl with pigtails screaming at a street preacher to ‘shut up’ as she relentlessly mocked him and his message of redemption through Jesus Christ has gone viral.

The video posted on Live Leak, which has been viewed more than 250,000 times, shows a child approaching Austin Coppock, who had been preaching on Salem’s busy Essex Street pedestrian mall during the city’s annual Halloween celebration.

Salem, which is also known as “The Witch City” and where police uniforms and patrol cars are even marked with the slogan and an image of a witch on a broom, hosts an annual event attracting tens of thousands of people to the city streets. This year police estimated upwards of nearly 100,000 people visiting the city for the annual celebration.

The city was the location of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and has a long history of witchcraft and paganism that continues to this day. Because of Salem’s roots, the city hosts the month-long celebration called “Haunted Happenings,” which includes a costume parade, witch-centered dramas, psychic readings, public fairs and carnivals. A number of occult shops are especially visible during the month of October and the mockery of Christianity is commonplace within the city as some festival-goers dress in blasphemous costumes, mocking Jesus Christ and His crucifixion.

The event also attracts some local Christians and others from different parts of the country who seek to reach out to the lost through distributing gospel tracts, engaging in one-on-one discussion and publicly preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the viral video, recorded days before Halloween, the unidentified little girl with her hands tucked at her sides approached the preacher, leaned in and went on an unrelenting diatribe demanding that the young preacher “shut up,” stating that his “pie hole should be quiet” and yelling “nobody wants to hear you!”

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