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A law professor in Indiana is predicting a repeat of the Rodney King riots that wracked Los Angeles if Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is not brought up on charges.

“The LA riots with Rodney King is what should be expected to happen in Ferguson,” Jeannine Bell, a professor of law at Indiana University Maurer School of Law, told CBS St. Louis. “Brown’s death was very detrimental to the community. The individuals who are protesting now have suggested in speaking to the press given the ongoing protests in Ferguson that that could happen.”

Autopsies have shown that Wilson was attacked by Michael Brown and the teen had tried to grab the officer’s firearm.

“I think he’s unlikely to be indicted, based on the leaks in recent weeks,” said Clarissa Hayward, an associate professor in the political science department at Washington University in St. Louis. “There’s been much apprehension about that. The local police have purchased more riot gear and some of the local school districts have requested that the announcement not come on a school day. What I have observed about the protesters is that they are peaceful day in and day out. I think we need to be very careful about using the word ‘riot,’ which suggests that’s not the case. But could see violence following the announcement of the grand jury decision? Yes, that’s a real possibility.”
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