Monsanto’s dirty tricks explained.


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From the New York Times to Reuters and the Washington Post, all of the major publications agree: the general public is in full support of GMO labeling initiatives. Quite simply, they want to know what they’re giving to both themselves and their family. Time and time again, we see poll results demonstrating that more than 90% of the US population is in favor of  GMO labeling. Yet time and time again, we see GMO labeling initiatives shot down across the country.

Are all of the major polling organizations in the country simply using incorrect statistical algorithms? Obviously, the answer instead lies in the dirty tricks (and even the mainstream media is now calling them out as such) used by mega biotech companies like Monsanto. In tandem with corporate food producers, these tricks are used to shove disinformation into the minds of voters who otherwise would fully support the concept of GMO labeling.

Specifically, we’re talking about pro-GMO lobby groups faking quotes from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that ‘support GMOs’ in the face of labeling initiatives, and even groups falsely claiming that Stanford is on the side of Monsanto amid the labeling debate (when they aren’t and haven’t even commented on the issue).

But before we get into these dirty geurilla tactics and their use in the informational war over GMOs, let’s really look at the truly overwhelming support for GMO labeling in this country based upon the estimates of major polling groups.

The New York Times: 93% found to be in support of labeling GMOs

MSNBC: 96% in support

Reuters/NPR: 93% in support of full labeling

Washington Post: 95% in support of full labeling

Consumer Reports: 95% agree GM animals should be labeled

ABC News: 93% want federal GM labeling mandate

So with these stats being reported virtually unanimously, what could Monsanto possibly be doing to sway voters outside of blatantly manipulating the actual polling results? As it turns out, and as we wrote about back in 2012, Monsanto has actually been caught not only misusing an FDA logo — but blatantly fabricating an FDA quote in order to suppress California’s notorious Prop 37 GMO labeling bill. From the report back in November of 2012:

“Misuse of a United States government seal can lead to a $250,000 fine, twenty years in prison, and three years of supervised release — unless you’re a campaign organization funded by major corporations like Monsanto. In a move completely ignored by the mainstream media (many of which have financial ties to such corporations), the anti-GMO labeling No on 37 Committee paid for and disseminated a physical piece of direct mail that not only entirely misused the FDA logo but even sported a fabricated quote.

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