The Obama administration has recently given the psychiatric business and pharmaceutical industry a major gift.

Using the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre as its justification, the Obama administration has recently given the psychiatric business and pharmaceutical industry a major gift by quietly introducing a behavioral and mental health program in public schools throughout the United States.

In an under-reported section of “Now is the Time titled “Making Schools Safer” and “Improving Mental Health Services” for students.  One is left to consider the long range implications of the psychopharmaceutical complex’s never-ending drive to expand its clientele.

On September 22, 2014 Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell announced $99 million in new grants “to train new mental health providers, help teachers and others recognize mental health issues in youth and connect them to help and increase access to mental health services for young people.”

On September 23rd., the Department of Education announced an additional $70 million in “School Climate Transformation grants.” According to the DOE, over half of the funding “will be used to develop, enhance, or expand systems of support for implementing evidence based, multi-tiered behavioral frameworks for improving behavioral outcomes and learning conditions.”

The goals of such measures include “connecting children, youths, and families to appropriate services and supports,” and “increasing measures of and the ability to respond to mental health issues among school-aged youth.”

The mass media has blacked out the Obama administration’s program which transforms our nation’s public schools in to lucrative referral centers for big psychopharma.

ProPublica’s disturbing report on hundreds of kids being restrained by police & school staff across the country, see below:

Hundreds of kids are being injured, some seriously, each year during restraints or seclusions, according to govt. reports and advocates. Parents have powerful stories to tell. Most of restraints and seclusions happen to kids with disabilities– and are more likely to happen to kids with autism or emotional/behavioral problems. Add psychiatric problems to the growing list of reasons to drug, restrain & arrest kids.


Even a skeptic can see how public schools are being turned into a quasi-prison full of drug addicted kids with criminal records.

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Defending searches of school kids, Michigan security director says “Every school has drugs in it, this is one of our ways to control that,” Charlie Brown, Rockford Public Schools security director, said of canine searches at the district’s middle and high schools. “We believe it works.”

“It turns students into suspects in a place where we should be nurturing them and focusing on their learning,” said Marc Allen, of the ACLU of Michigan. “There are ways to do a search that are more narrow and don’t implicate people’s privacy rights.”

What’s next full body-cavity searches for America’s students?

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Both HHS and DOE explicitly cite Obama’s Now is the Time declaration as rationale for the new programs. “The administration is committed to increasing access to mental health services to protect the health of children and communities,” Secretary Burwell asserts. “If kids don’t feel safe, they can’t learn,” Secretary of Education Arne Duncan similarly remarks. “Through these grants of more than $70 million, we are continuing our commitment to ensure that kids have access to the best learning experience possible.”

Of the DOE’s $70 million, $13 million is allocated to aiding school districts in creating “high-quality school emergency plans.” Another $14 million goes toward “Project Prevent grants” for violence-plagued schools to “be used for school-based counseling services, or referrals to community-based counseling services for assistance in coping with trauma or anxiety.”

The US government’s continued aggressive transformation of the healthcare system, is beyond disturbing.

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  1. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Let’s start with your title, “American School Kids Now Under Psychiatric Surveillance.”
    No they’re not. And if you would read – or have someone read to you – the “Now is the Time” link you provide in your own piece, you’d understand how nutty you sound. In the wake of a series of mass killings at schools (American has as many of these in an average year as the rest of the world has combined) our federal government, at the request/demand of the vast majority of American people (who vote politicians in and out of office every two to four years depending on whether or not they listen) agreed with the American people’s insistence that 1) we create a system for better mental health care for those who need it, and 2) remove barriers allowing teachers and others to report concerns regarding people who have expressed ill-intent toward others.
    You find this threatening because… You intend harm to others and don’t want to be outed? Because you’re a kook? Or because you simply hate half the people you live with in this country, people who vote differently than you do, and this was yet another way for you to arbitrarily attack them?
    Yes, many children in America’s public school system are, in one way or restrained during the course of a given school year.
    You obviously don’t work on a regular basis in a typical public school. Nor are you familiar with United States public schools.
    Our schools are tasked with educating children who, in the past, were typically institutionalized. Or simply kept at home. You (apparently) lack the knowledge, empathy and imagination to conceive of what working with these kids is like. OF COURSE these students are identified as kids with disabilities! They are mentally not functioning in a healthy way. How do you not understand that?
    Man, you present yourself as a really, truly uneducated, unthinking person.
    Anyway, you should assign yourself to get the appropriate license and education and then go into a classroom and work with these kids. Ten years from now, you and I can sit down and talk about how YOU handled situations with these students when they became violent, or self-injurious, or physically threatening to you or other students.
    Do we speak from experience? No. Direct observation. Unlike you, we actually have been inside public schools long enough to have made meaningful observations. Take a human being, of any age, who is crazily hurling themselves about, or going after another student, or a teacher, and Someone has to intervene, and often times these mentally ill students fight so hard injuries are incurred.
    You almost Never here teachers reporting their own injuries…
    You ought to admire and respect that.
    And here we are, telling a nut job what he “ought” to be doing.

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