Considering Joel Osteen’s well-documented acceptance of just about anyone who believes almost anything, it should come as no surprise that the senior pastor of the mammoth Lakewood Church in Houston believes President Obama’s assertion that he is a Christian—despite his numerous unbiblical beliefs, such as “there are many paths to the same place.”

Osteen’s comments came in an interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN Friday on his news program, The Situation Room.

Osteen says he has been to prayer breakfasts and other events with Barack Obama and heard him express his faith, redemption and salvation.

“I just believe in my heart that he’s a Christian,” Osteen said. “He says he is.”

“Again, I wouldn’t try and push people away,” Osteen continued. “That’s just the opposite of what we’re supposed to do.”

Obama has gone on the record with numerous comments that seem to veer sharply away from the well-known tenets of Bible-based Christianity.

In a 2004 interview with Cathleen Falsani, Obama said that he “draw(s) from (his) Christian faith,” but then went on to talk about growing up with Eastern influences in Hawaii, Muslim influences in Indonesia, his father being an agnostic while his grandfather was a Muslim and finishing off claiming that he was mostly influenced by Judaism. However, he claims to be “rooted in the Christian tradition.”

Written by Mark Andrews
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