(NaturalNews) Texas Sen. Ted Cruz earned a massive round of applause in Texas last night, declaring “The era of Obama lawlessness is over!” Across the nation, America defiantly rejected the failed policies of an administration that offered words without substance. Obama was strong on rhetoric and strong in making promises of a brighter future for all Americans, but with each passing year that supposed future became increasingly bleak.

After six years of empty Obama promises, America is now deeper in debt, health care costs continue to spiral out of control, the economy is on the brink of disaster and the economic reality for individual Americans has long since passed the point of crisis.

Now American voters have soundly rejected the failed policies of an administration grounded in illusion and charismatic influence rather than viable economic policies that support the expansion of small business and the creation of higher wage jobs in America. With tonight’s vote, the People have said, “Enough is enough!” They’re looking for real change now; not the false change that was seductively promised but never delivered.

Will Republicans do anything useful with their newfound power?

Republicans have now taken control of the U.S. Senate, giving them control of both houses of Congress. But the question on everybody’s mind now is, “Will they do anything useful with that power?”

After all, as Jesse Ventura describes the two parties in America, they are just two different gangs vying for power — the Democryps and Rebloodlicans. Voting exit polls show that most Americans have lost faith in the ability of the federal government to do anything constructive at all. Approval opinions of the CDC has plummeted in the disastrous government response (and cover-up) of the Ebola outbreak. The reputation of the IRS fell off a cliff following revelations that it selectively targeted conservative non-profits for punitive actions. The U.S. Secret Service has been caught up in prostitution scandals and outrageous security failures. By and large, Americans increasingly see the federal government as a massive failure.

Those of us who are well informed on health and agriculture issues also know that both the FDA and USDA are wholly corrupted by corporate interests. They have both abandoned the People and systematically make decisions to enrich their corporate controllers on everything from GMOs to medicine.

Can a Republican-controlled Congress change any of that? Pardon me if I’m a skeptic. The Republican establishment strongly favors corporate interests, and while there’s no question that America’s small businesses need a break from the outrageous burdens of Obamacare, Republicans are more often than not working for BIG business, not small business.

Written by Mike Adams
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