(NaturalNews) Regardless of the outcome of today’s U.S. mid-term elections, there are some things that won’t change one iota. While most of America has finally come to realize what a disaster Obama’s presidency has really been in real-world terms, there are at least five other disasters looming in America’s near future. And neither Republicans nor Democrats have any real plan to deal with these issues… especially when it’s so much easier to get elected by slandering your opponent rather than proposing practical solutions.

So here’s my warning on the five biggest threats still facing America in the years ahead. Don’t hold your breath thinking anyone in Washington D.C. is willing to address any of these. After all, they are the ones who created most of these problems in the first place.

Crisis #1) Out of control growth of government and related debt spending

Under President Obama, America’s national debt exploded past $17 trillion. Unfunded liabilities owed to present and future entitlement receivers now exceed $250 trillion — a number which can never be mathematically repaid by the U.S. population even if workers were immortal.

Under the hypnosis of the fraudulent idea that “bigger government can solve all our problems,” the American people allowed the federal government to radically swell its size and power, creating a nation where more than half the population is now incapable of thinking any problem can be solved without calling for increased government expansion.

America’s national debt has now gone parabolic, and as wise people say, “Nothing parabolic is sustainable.” At some point, perhaps in the very near future, the parabolic growth of debt will reach a tipping point of collapse. This will likely happen in the days after U.S. debt is downgraded by investment houses, unleashing a global selloff of Treasury bonds. The Fed will print unlimited fiat currency to buy back those bonds, unleashing an explosion of price inflation and currency debasement which will end in a currency collapse and the loss of 99% of the dollar’s present-day spending power. (The dollar, by the way, has already lost over 96% of its purchasing power since the early 1900’s. But that’s a slow theft that few really notice. The coming crash will unravel far more quickly.)

The only difference between Democrats and Republicans on this point is that Republicans will take us to a currency collapse just a little less slowly than Democrats, who seem to be rushing headfirst into economic disaster with unlimited spending and the complete abandonment of sane (or honest) accounting practices by government.

Crisis #2) The explosion of global viral pandemics and superbugs

The Ebola crisis has only just begun, and it’s an urgent reminder that no government or first-world medical system is really prepared to deal with a deadly viral outbreak.

While the U.S. will likely contain isolated Ebola carriers who travel to U.S. cities, a sustained spread of Ebola in Mexico, Central America or South America would be disastrous because the U.S. has no border security. Infected illegal immigrants could walk right in, unchecked.

Even disregarding Ebola, the enterovirus D68 pandemic is already underway across U.S. schoolchildren, and recent studies link its spread to uncontrolled border migration as well.

On top of the viral threats, we are giving rise to drug-resistant superbugs at an unprecedented pace in our nation’s hospitals, where the widespread abuse of antibiotics creates the perfect breeding grounds for deadly bacteria. And because the drug companies love humanity so much, they have abandoned virtually all research into new antibiotics because there’s no profit in them.

Because both Republicans and Democrats are beholden to corporate interests — especially Big Pharma interests — expect to see repeated attempts to profit from pandemics through the unrelenting pushing of unproven vaccines backed by zero evidence that they actually work. (Fact: Ebola vaccines will be approved by the FDA without ever be tested against Ebola. They are also being manufactured by a criminal drug corporation with a felony record of committing crimes against Americans.)

Crisis #3) The collapse of abundant underground water aquifers

The California extreme drought crisis is merely one warning sign of the impending collapse of cheap, abundant water across many parts of the world (including North America).

Cheap, easy water pumped from underground aquifers helped give rise to cheap, easy food and a human population explosion. When that water runs dry — which is already beginning in the American Southwest and parts of Texas — it will inevitably lead to a collapse of cheap, easy food. Food scarcity, in turn, eventually leads to social chaos, widespread starvation and a die-off of the human population.

The only apparent solution to all this is the recent announcement by Lockheed Martin of their “compact fusion reactor” breakthrough, which could allow low-cost desalination fusion plants on the coastlines to transform ocean water into fresh water at relatively little cost. Transporting that fresh water to America’s crop heartland, however, is an entirely different matter, and there’s always the question of what happens when nuclear fusion reactors misfire in some unforeseen way. Realistically, fusion-powered desalination plants are probably at least 30 years away.

To learn more about the “T4” compact fusion reactor breakthrough — which might mean cheap, limitless energy for humanity — read this article at Aviation Week. [1]

Crisis #4) The collapse of a failed medical system that no one can afford

The for-profit medical system that continues to dominate American society is bleeding the nation dry. If it wasn’t for bloated big government spending and “buy this or else” Obamacare mandates, Big Pharma would collapse down to a reasonable percentage of the national economy. (Health care spending now accounts for nearly 25% of GDP… a quarter of the domestic economy!)

The truth is that the western medical system is a horrible failure. It does not prevent disease; it does not teach people how to be healthy; and it places an inexcusably large financial burden on individuals, families, businesses, cities and even the entire nation. The primary purpose of the medical system as it exists today is to extract financial resources from the economy. This is accomplished through mass media propaganda, nationwide physician bribery networks, illegal drug kickbacks to hospitals, anti-competitive price fixing schemes, secret agreements to delay the release of generic drugs that would reduce profits, and even the total infiltration of “science” journals, universities and med schools with quack pharma propaganda.

At the same time, the system is run almost like a form of “soft fascism” based on government-enforced monopolies that protect pharmaceutical profits. Government and industry conspire to eliminate natural medicine alternatives by outlawing their practice in the USA or regulating natural medicinal products into oblivion, for example.

In medicine, there is no such thing as a free market in America today — the entire system is controlled by decree from Washington, with no real competition for consumers and not even legal recourse for consumers who are damaged by faulty vaccine products. (No vaccine lawsuits are allowed in the U.S. court system. Vaccine manufacturers have been granted absolute immunity, placing them higher than the U.S. Supreme Court in terms of judicial power.)

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