Red Cross dimissed Bryan Barkley, 71, after 20 years of service because of his views on same-sex marriage. (Christian Concern)

A pensioner has had his ‘opportunity to volunteer’ withdrawn by the British Red Cross because he spoke out against the redefinition of marriage.

Earlier this year, Bryan Barkley, 71, held up signs outside Wakefield Cathedral reading ‘No Same Sex Marriage’ and ‘No Redefinition of Marriage’. He did so on the day that the first same-sex marriages took place in England.

‘Incompatible views’

But he has since been told that his views on marriage are ‘incompatible’ with the ‘fundamental principles and values’ of the Red Cross and that his opportunity to volunteer was being withdrawn ‘permanently and with immediate effect’.

Written by Christian Concern
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2 thoughts on “Red Crosses Dismisses Volunteer for Biblical Views on Marriage”
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    What a sad, sad state of affairs. Why is it that we Christians cannot stand by our values or belief systems but if a Muslim states what they believe they are protected and we are racists for saying a word? Unbelievable world we find ourselves in these days…UGH….

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