In North Carolina’s cliffhanger election where the all-important U.S. Senate race may well be decided by a handful of votes – current polling shows less than 1 percent separating Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican Thom Tillis – the threat of voter fraud turning the election hit center stage with dual video investigations made public this week by investigative reporter James O’Keefe and his organization, Project Veritas Action.

James O’Keefe went to polling places in three North Carolina cities.

Yet despite the monumental importance of the election and the proven potential for voter fraud to easily provide the winning edge in close elections, O’Keefe’s most recent reports have been strangely absent from national broadcast and cable TV news.

Attempting to explain why, O’Keefe stated in a candid radio interview Sunday: “I’m a threat to the media. Because [of] my business model – a guy on YouTube breaks big stories – they hate me, and they hate Matt Drudge, and they hate anybody who operates independently and successfully, because they think that you need a journalism pedigree. They think you need a byline [in] ‘the Washington Post.’

“And if we trivialize that, if we make it that you don’t need those things, then we are threatening their very existence,” he added. “And if they did their job, there wouldn’t be a need for people like me. But they don’t do their job. Because they’re afraid, because they’re lazy, and because they’re political hacks.”

The controversial filmmaker opened up to Dianne Linderman on her nationally syndicated TRN show, “Everything That Matters.”

Written by Sarah Kupelian
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