Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder has sent poll watchers from the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division to monitor elections in 18 states today for voter intimidation and ballot fraud. He’s also reminding poll workers that by law, bilingual materials and proper assistance must be provided to people casting ballots. 

“Just as they do during every election, these officials will gather information on numerous aspects of local election procedures, including whether voters are treated differently depending on their race or color; whether jurisdictions are adequately serving individuals with disabilities; whether jurisdictions are complying with the provisional ballot requirements of the Help America Vote Act; and whether jurisdictions are complying with the Voting Rights Act’s requirement toprovide bilingual election materials and assistance in areas of need,” a statementreleased on states. “Attorney General Holder also called on jurisdictions to implement the recommendations of President Obama’s bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Administration, which outlined a series of steps to make it simpler to cast a ballot. He further advised election officials and poll workers to carry out their duties responsibly, and urged all eligible Americans—regardless of party affiliation or political views—to exercise their right to vote.”

Written by Katie Pavlich
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