Police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida cited and threatened to arrest a 90-year-old man along with other volunteers for violating a new law that makes the sharing of food a criminal offense.

Video footage shows uniformed officers apprehending Arnold Abbott, who heads the group Love Thy Neighbor, as he and other volunteers handed out food to the homeless in Stranahan Park on Sunday.

“Drop that plate right now,” barks the cop before he leads Abbott away, where he is subsequently issued with a summons for a court date.

Abbott, along with Rev. Canon Mark Sims of St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church and Rev. Dwayne Black of the Sanctuary Church, face up to 60 days in jail for violating a controversial new city ordinance that bans the sharing of food, a law the city claims is necessary to to crack down on the area’s growing downtown homeless population.

Four police cars and six uniformed cops showed up at the weekly food sharing event to threaten Abbott and other volunteers with arrest if they continued dishing out food. The 90-year-old has been feeding the homeless for 23 years.

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    1. My sister works in that area, unfortunately she smokes. She said she has been approached many times since the food for needy has started. Sometimes she will give a cigarette when she has them and sometimes she won’t. She said on two occasions she has been verbally threatened and harassed when she doesn’t give a cigarette. Its kinda sad that at break time from work she can’t even enjoy her break. They are kinda like a stray cats, once you feed them they won’t go away. She said her boss has called the police several times because of the harassment.

  1. What is WRONG with folks!?! Is it just me or is this country headed down a street I just don’t want to walk down lately? How in the name of all that is sacrid can you arrest someone for HELPING?? UGH! Great read but it made me angry…of course, that’s the point. Well done! 🙂

      1. It is a world gone mad and I country I hardly recognize these days. Praying for a great voter turn out and an even better result. O needs to be held countable for what he is doing…IMHO…

  2. Sadly there are NO real Americans left in Florida to defend the good people. Those cops should have been taken into OUR custody for violating the rights of those good citizens. I wonder how many Jews will be stuffed into gas chambers and ovens in Florida before being pussies sours on the tongues of Floridians.

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