Rand Paul: Libertarian in me “horrified” at government-enforced detention


A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that almost three quarters of Americans want to see government enforced mandatory quarantines for health workers returning from West Africa.

A whopping 71% of respondents said they felt health workers who have treated Ebola sufferers abroad should be subject to a 21-day isolation, even if they show no symptoms of the virus themselves.

Just 24 percent disagree that the quarantine should be enforced.

When split by political affiliation, 85% of Republicans support quarantine, compared to 65% of Democrats and 60% of independents. A huge 91% of Tea Party backers say they want to see mandatory government detentions.

The debate over the issue has been amplified by the case of the nurse Kaci Hickox, who threatened to sue the states of New Jersey and Maine for issuing quarantine orders which led to her brief detention when she returned from working with Ebola patients in Sierra Leone.

Hickox was held for days in an isolation tent in New Jersey, then had state police deployed to monitor her at her home in Maine.

Written by Steve Watson
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  1. I truly didn’t think the support for quarantine would be so high. Folks do fear sickness but I thought they would fear quarantine more for some reason. If restricted to your home that’s one thing but if placed in a government facility, that’s quite another…Hmmmm. Interesting… 🙂

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