While virtually all the establishment-media attention surrounding nurse Kaci Hickox (shown) in recent days has focused on her defiant attitude toward efforts to quarantine her over potential exposure to Ebola, one important detail in the saga has gone almost completely unnoticed by the press: Hickox was trained as an “intelligence officer” by the federal government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The revelation has sparked widespread speculation, especially considering White House intervention on her behalf and the fact that most of the press entirely omitted such an important fact. So far, however, it is not clear whether her work for the federal government played a role in the ongoing story, or what that role might be.

Hickox, who returned from Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone after treating Ebola patients with a medical organization, became a media sensation after she was first ordered to be quarantined in New Jersey upon her return from Africa. She was later under quarantine orders in Maine. That part of the story is well-known and has dominated U.S. news headlines in recent days. Less well known, though, is that the nurse graduated in 2012 from a two-year CDC program that trains what the federal agency describes as “ Epidemic Intelligence Service Officers ,” or EIS agents.

“What is a CDC intelligence officer? To understand the answer, you first have to realize that the CDC models itself after the U.S. military which is why CDC ‘officers’ wear military costumes when appearing before Congress, complete with shoulder stripes, stars and badges,” explained health analyst Mike Adams, editor of Natural News, adding that the outfits were meant to project the appearance of authority and were merely one sign of the militarization of federal health schemes. “Just as with the U.S. Army, the CDC also has ‘intelligence officers’ whose jobs include gathering intelligence, analyzing intelligence and conducting counterintelligence ops.”

Written by Alex Newman
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  1. I had originally suspected that she was simply a narcissist (possibly emulating her president) searching for her 15 minutes of fame. This information certainly makes the picture much clearer!

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