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The Centers For Disease Control is set to purchase over 1.4 million surgical gowns in response to concerns about the spread of Ebola, as experts predict the United States could see over one hundred cases by the end of the year.

A notice posted on FedBizOpps reveals that the federal agency is preparing to spend big on personal protective equipment (PPE) to try and deal with an outbreak that scientists have warned could “explode” by mid-December unless urgent action is taken.

We featured the notice on Friday in an article about the CDC also acquiring body bags, although the “sources sought” advisory was subsequently updated to include the exact quantities of PPE gear that the federal agency was looking to purchase.

On top of almost 10,000 body bags, the CDC is set to buy over 1.4 million sterile surgical gowns, a similar quantity of disposable face masks as well as over a million bottles of hand sanitizer.

Written by Paul Joseph Watson
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