Worshipers attend official opening service at Mars Hill Church Downtown Seattle inside historic church c. 1910, Jan. 13, 2013.

The Seattle-based megachurch Mars Hill, once led by pastor Mark Driscoll, has begun the process of dissolving, and its 13 regional congregations have been asked to either go independent, merge with another church, or disband entirely, announced Dave Bruskas, the church’s teaching pastor while in transition, at noon on Friday.

Although Driscoll was not mentioned in the “Local Mission, Local Churches” blogpost on the church’s website released as a letter to Mars Hill by Bruskas, the normally outspoken pastor resigned on Oct. 14 from the multi-city megachurch he and his wife helped found 18 years ago after a series of calls were made for him to step down from ministry due to his admitted “divisive” leadership style.

In the letter, Bruskas writes that the elders recognize that the “reorganization plan is a significant and complex undertaking on many fronts; however, our goal is to have the process completed by January 1, 2015.”

Written by Alex Murashko
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4 thoughts on “Seattle-Based Megachurch Mars Hill Plans to Dissolve; Elders Suggest for 13 Regional Congregations to Either Go Independent, Merge or Disband”
  1. Praying for everyone and Driscoll too. Hoping he can truly make what he preached,”it’s all about Jesus”, completely true in his own life, and then model that in leadership.
    May God richly bless you all.

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