Under the guise of advancing what the United Nations calls “gender equality” and “sustainable development,” a new report by the UN Women agency is again pushing global abortion on demand, more sterilization programs and population-control schemes, massive government interference in family life, and much more. Much of the document, published this month, is written in opaque and deceptive language designed to at least partially conceal the extremism and outright barbarism being proposed. Still, critics of the UN machinations were able to see right through the deception, lambasting the UN for pushing totalitarian and horrific policies while trying to dupe the public.

The report, published by the UN “Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women,” claims to be a “survey” of the supposedly “important links” between “gender equality” and “sustainable development.” As regular readers of this magazine know well, both of those relatively innocent-sounding terms are employed by the UN and many of its member regimes to conceal a deeply sinister agenda — plots so outlandish that they would almost certainly spark a global revolt if the true nature of the schemes were more widely understood by the public.

The notion of human “sustainability,” for instance, purports to deal with making sure that “Mother Earth” can continue to sustain humanity into the future. The idea is underpinned largely by imagined problems justified by refuted “science,” such as theories on “man-made global warming” (previously global cooling), “overpopulation,” and “overconsumption.” In reality, though, the term is mostly used as cover to advance everything from depopulation and abortion to centralized global government and planetary socialism. Similarly, the term “gender equality” is used by UN types to conceal a radical agenda involving the gradual destruction of the nuclear family, population control, abortion, and more.

“There is a reason for this linguistic deception,” explained Steven Mosher, president of the non-profit Population Research Institute. “Properly understood, this World Survey — the first published in five years — is nothing less than a battle plan for a deadly assault on life and marriage. If its recommendations were to be fully adopted by UN’s member states and carried out, it would mean the end of families as we know them, and a top-to-bottom restructuring of societies and economies as a whole.” In a recent analysis of the new UN report, Mosher, author of Population Control: Real Costs, Illusory Benefits, translates the deceptive UN language into straightforward English so readers can understand what the global outfit is truly advocating.

The phrase “reproductive health,” for example, which is found throughout the report, is actually a “double deception” because it has nothing to do with either reproduction or health, Mosher explains. “The goal of ‘reproductive health’ programs is actually population control — reducing the birth rate by chemically or surgically disabling as many female reproductive systems as possible,” he wrote. Indeed, the UN Women report calls for policymakers to “promote sexual and reproductive health and rights” — with SRHR a well-known term used to promote abortion and other population-control measures, hence its inclusion in the “sustainable development” section.

On page 114, the UN document offers the outfit’s policy recommendations for sustainable “population.” While the UN generally uses deceptive language when referring to abortion, in its latest gender equality report, the agency openly calls for legalizing the killing of unborn children worldwide. “Ground sustainable population policies in sexual and reproductive health and rights, including the provision of universally accessible … comprehensive sexuality education and safe abortion,” the report recommends. Also worth noting is that the UN Women outfit is calling for “comprehensive sexuality education” worldwide, a longtime UN goal. That is especially troubling considering the pornographic and deeply immoral schemes that pass for sex “education” in much of the world today. The UN’s Economic, Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), for instance, openly recommended teaching masturbation to five-year-olds, while teaching older children to “promote the right to and access to safe abortion.” The UN agency calls that “age appropriate.”

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