The Planned Parenthood abortion business is closing another clinic in Wisconsin, this time in Ossowo. The Ossowo clinic does not do abortions on site but all Planned Parenthood clinic refer to affiliated centers that do abortions.

Officials with Wisconsin Family Action informed LifeNews of the closing and they said they were glad the abortion giant is closing up shop in another city.

“Planned Parenthood located in Ossowo, Wisconsin will be closing the doors on it’s so-called “family planning health center” on December 14,” the pro-life group said. “What does this mean for Wisconsin? Fewer teenagers will be given contraceptive drugs and devices without their parents’ knowledge or permission. Fewer women will be told that abortion is their only viable option in an unplanned pregnancy. Fewer women will suffer the trauma of abortion. More babies may be born. More babies could be adopted into a forever family.”

“Today we rejoice in the continued fall of this abortion giant, and pray for the closures of the remaining Planned Parenthood locations throughout the state, and across our nation,” the group said.

This closing follows other Planned Parenthood abortion and abortion referral clinics closing this month.

Written by Steven Ertelt
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