The city of New York has agreed to pay $7,500 in a settlement for wrongfully arresting a sculptor who was carrying a knife for his work.

The arrest came when an officer improperly classified his legal blade as a banned “gravity knife,” which opens with a flick of the wrist and locks, according to an advocacy organization.

“New York City’s outrageous persecution of those with common pocket knives must end,” said Doug Ritter, chairman of the activist Knife Rights organization.

“Knife Rights will continue to fight these unconstitutional abuses by the city until we win,” he said.

The owner of the knife was identified only as Jonathan W., at his request, to protect his identity, the group said.

“Jonathan was carrying a Spyderco UK Pen Knife with a non-locking blade in New York City when he was arrested for possession of an illegal ‘gravity knife.’ After considerable effort the charges in the case were dismissed and Knife Rights then referred Jonathan to attorney Richard Holzberg of Ernest Holzberg and Associates,” the organization reported.

“Holszberg recently obtained a settlement of $7,500.00 for Jonathan’s wrongful arrest, incarceration and malicious prosecution for carrying a pocket knife that was New York City legal, even considering the city’s continued unconstitutional application of state law against owners of common folding knives.”

The organization explained that an officer approached the artist and asked to see his knife.

Written by BOB UNRUH
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