China’s top-notch FN-6 missile possible game changer

According to The New York Times and the Saudi owned pan-Arab news network al-Arabiya, the Islamic State has added Chinese Manpads to its growing arsenal of sophisticated weapons.

During a battle near the northern Iraq city of Baiji an IS fighter used a Chinese-made FN6 surface-to-air missile to shoot down an Iraqi Army Mi-35M attack helicopter. Images purportedly released by IS show “a jihadist hiding behind a wall with a Chinese-made missile launcher balanced on his shoulder; the missile blasting from the tube, its contrail swooping upward as it tracked its target; the fiery impact and the wreckage on a rural road,” the Times reported earlier this week.

According to the Times, the Pentagon has no conclusive evidence the Islamic State has such advanced weaponry in its possession. However, asreported by in April, al-Nusra, now affiliated with the Islamic State, receives arms via Jamal Maarouf and the Syrian Revolutionary Front. Maarouf told The Independent if “the people who support us [U.S., Saudis, Qataris] tell us to send weapons to another group, we send them.”

In February the Wall Street Journal reported Russian-made antitank guided missiles and Chinese man-portable air-defense systems were “up for grabs, already waiting in warehouses in Jordan and Turkey.”

The weapons now flow across the border from Turkey and are delivered to the “rebels” who are largelyjihadists collaborating with the Islamic State. “The moderates, often underfunded, fragmented and chaotic, appear no match for Islamist units, which include fighters from organizations designated ‘terrorist’ by the United States,” Reuters reported last June. Since that time, the majority of the “moderate” rebels have defected to al-Nusra and IS.

Written by KURT NIMMO
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