Manager with large shipping company confirms purchase


Image Credits: U.S. Air Force (Public domain)

A manager with a major shipping company has exclusively revealed to Infowars that the U.S. government has ordered 250,000 Hazmat suits to be sent to Dallas, the location of the first Ebola outbreak in the United States.

The manager of the shipping company proved his credentials to Infowars by providing a photo ID and sending a verified email from the company account, but wishes to remain anonymous due to understandable fears that he could be fired for revealing the information.

“I just learned we have been asked to ship 250,000 HAZMAT suits to Dallas, TX. for the US Government. Again this is happening today, we are pulling these suits for the US Government to Dallas, TX,” states the individual, who manages the drivers who work for the shipping company.

The purchase of a quarter of a million Hazmat suits to be sent to Dallas confirms that health authorities are still very concerned about the spread of  Ebola after two nurses in the city who cared for patient zero, Thomas Eric Duncan, contracted the virus earlier this month.

Written by Paul Joseph Watson
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  1. Beam me up, Scotty!

    This is just proof that POTUS intends to bring those who are sick in the West African countries here for medical treatment. My question is where is he going to get the $$$ for this? Is is insanely expensive to fly ONE patient with Ebola to the U.S. and transport that patient to one of the few hospitals in the U.S. that are capable of caring for this type of patient. Now multiply that by how many beds we have in each hospital and the stress it will put on each hospital because each patient needs dedicated nursing, and the hospitals will be scrambling to find nurses to work the rest of the floors.

    If this is NOT why these are being dropped off, then there is going to be some type of gas warfare that the people will need to wear these suits to protect themselves from!

    In all honesty, with this administration, ANYTHING is possible!

    But I go back to, Beam me up, Scotty!

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