(NaturalNews) An American nurse who was placed under mandatory quarantine in her home state of Maine after traveling to West Africa to treat Ebola patients says she plans to break her quarantine on Thursday, believing it to be unconstitutional. The 33-year-old Kaci Hickox stated on Good Morning America that she will even take the matter to court, should state officials refuse to let her leave her house and live her life, despite failing to wait out the proper incubation period.

Hickox had been working with the France-based nonprofit Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone for five weeks and recently flew back to the U.S. via Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. Upon landing, Hickox was immediately quarantined in a tent at University Hospital due to having a temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point she bemoaned the fact that she had to stay away from the general public in order to rule out a possible Ebola infection.

Hickox was then given a blood test, which came back negative for Ebola. But since the incubation period for Ebola can last up to 42 days, or even longer in some cases, this test is hardly an accurate indicator of her health status. Even so, Hickox believes that she should be able to freely mingle in society, potentially infecting countless others with a disease that may cause their insides to literally melt out of their bodies.

Hickox says she wasn’t properly cared for under quarantine; tent not even heated

Part of Hickox’s complaint alleges that the care which she received while under quarantine at University Hospital was subpar. Her tent, confirmed Doctors Without Borders to The Wall Street Journal, was not even heated. And her caretakers were wearing the exact same protective suits that she had worn in Sierra Leone while treating patients.

Written by Jonathan Benson
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