Jeffrey Goldberg, who has become something of a stenographer to President Barack Obama on foreign policy, has broken the dog-bites-man news that the Obama administration dislikes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He adds that an Obama official referred to Netanyahu as “chickenshit,” though Goldberg uses that as an excuse to vent his own bile at Bibi, whom he says bears most blame for the crisis in U.S.-Israel relations.

Goldberg blames Netanyahu’s “settlements,” ignoring the fact that Netanyahu enacted a settlement freeze. He admits that “Jews have a moral right to live anywhere they want in Jerusalem,” and understands that the areas of Jerusalem that have irked Obama are hardly “settlements,” yet he still says Bibi is to blame for building there. The problem, he says, is that Israel has not created the conditions that make a Palestinian state possible.

Nowhere in Goldberg’s article is there any acknowledgment that Gaza rockets, Hamas tunnels, and Fatah/PA incitement are what have made a Palestinian state in the West Bank unthinkable, for the moment, to the vast majority of Israelis. Nor is there any admission that Obama–and Vice President Joe Biden, and Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry–have inflamed relations by publicly berating Israel on various occasions.

Written by JOEL B. POLLAK
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