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Sean Hannity, the longtime Fox News Channel anchor and strong voice for American conservatives, is used to taking criticism from all comers, but it was his own unhappiness with his flabby self last year that pushed him to take up a new fight – that of “street” martial artist.


“It’s a tough, tough workout,” the 52-year-old said of his regimen of jiu-jitsu, blade and firearm training. “It’s also really great self-defense … I’m building muscles that I’ve never had before.”


Hannity, whose eponymous weeknight show averages 1.7 million viewers and ranks in the top five of cable news programs, spoke to Reuters about the upcoming U.S. midterm elections, problems the Republican party faces and playing matchmaker to staffers.

Q: You notably started as a small-market radio host. What first turned you on to politics and news?

A: I’ve absorbed it since I was a kid and delivered newspapers, reading the newspaper. My parents were screaming at me to put the paper down and get out and go deliver them.

Written by Eric Kelsey/Reuters
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