This little girl exhibits what many of us are feeling!

Four-year-old, homeschooled Ava loves George Washington so much that when she found out he is no longer our president, she dissolved in tears. The real heartbreak came when she was told who our current president is.

We know, Ava, we know…

Facebook politics

Though Facebook cautions its new election tracking tool can’t predict winners or losers, some experts think it has the potential to do exactly that. Time will tell, of course.

Facebook’s new interactive map of House, Senate and gubernatorial races shows how many people “like” those candidates and are talking about them.


“The statistics used are from candidates’ campaign pages. If a candidate does not have a campaign page, but does have an official government page, those figures are shown. If a candidate has neither, no statistics are shown. The map displays like percentages from constituents of states and districts only,” notes Facebook.

Users can click on a state to see candidates and state-specific statistics and scroll on the map to zoom in and out.

Can Facebook predict this year’s winning candidates? These nine charts could hold a clue.

As reported, “Facebook’s massive reach and emergence as a top source of news make it a critical component to any political campaign.”

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