Maybe it is all just scare tactics and bad dreams.

Behold the ascent of America’s nightmare candidates, perhaps to make us grateful for the occasional half-honest politicians we are given. All signs are pointing to the idea that the establishment has selected… Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton as our presidential candidates for 2016.

Shudder the thought, but it seems almost inevitable. Yikes.

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Not only did we call this can of nightmare juice a long time ago, but we have foreseen the ‘surprised’ and ‘reluctant’ announcement of their candidacy coming, too. After all, it is historical: Julius Caesar, the infamous emperor who transformed Rome from a republic to a dictatorship, is portrayed by Shakespeare asrefusing the crown three times before taking power.

The modern translation appears in this week’s New York Times, with the Bush family and extended network of advisers drafting Jeb to run: The Bushes, Led by W., Rally to Make Jeb ‘45’. In keeping with this despotic development, the Times article allows no comments, unlike most other articles on their site.

But what about the voice of the people? Perhaps that is because in other articles on the same topic, such as this one in the Miami Herald, the comments are filled with vitriolic, overwhelming opposition to ‘another Bush’ – or another Clinton, for that matter.

Can anyone even tell the difference between these two globalists? This next vote won’t even be between the lesser of two evils…it’ll just be for straight evil, sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations.

Look what’s coming to a 2016 presidential wannabe nightmare near you! It’s a bread and circuses pretense of democracy starring evil American dynasty number one and evil American dynasty number two. Same stank, different election!

Sure, we’ve also heard that Tea Party-oriented figures like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz may challenge the nomination of Bush III in the primaries, but they are equally likely to balance the controversy of the Bush family name with the appearance of freedom and the Constitution on the VP slot.

Cruz, for one, rose to power as an attorney and advisor in Geoge W. Bush’s 2000 campaign, helping him win the presidency through a contested Supreme Court decision. Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign is also where hemet his wife Heidi, also a Bush advisor, Council on Foreign Relations member and Goldman Sachs executive.

Meanwhile, libertarian-lite Rand Paul, another presidential contender or convenient VP sidekick, has been photographed campaigning with Jeb’s son George P. Bush and consorting in secret with GOP strategist Karl Rove, the man once known as Bush’s Brain.

Bush, Clinton, the Council of Foreign Relations and the North American Union corporate dictatorship

The Council on Foreign Relations and Goldman Sachs come into play nicely for 2016, incidentally, as a fresh report from the CFR,North America: Time for a New Focus calls for the next president to pursue an “integrated” North America based around open borders, immigration amnesty and a new energy paradigm consisting of mucho fracking for shale gas, a completed XL Keystone pipeline and a continent-wide electricity grid connecting the U.S. with its neighbors in Mexico and Canada. The report’s co-chair, Robert Zoellick (today senior advisor to Goldman Sachs International and yesterday George W. Bush’s World Bank head) stated bluntly “I hope that this report will provide an agenda for both [U.S. political] parties in the presidential elections in 2016.”

Both the Bush and Clinton families have brought us into the North American Union, with the elder Bush helping to bring NAFTA into the main, Bill Clinton signing NAFTA into law, George W. Bush signing the secretive Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America in 2006, Jeb Bush writing immigration reform policies for the CFR, Hillary promoting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Wal-mart and globalization at large, and other events in between. Tag onto that Heidi Cruz’ role as an author on the seminal 2005 CFR blueprint document, Building a North American Community.

Written by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton
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