(NaturalNews) Radio talk show host and author Dr. Michael Savage has issued an ominous warning to Americans in a just-released new book: There is little time left before the nation plunges into its second Civil War. In fact, at this point, less than two weeks: If the upcoming midterm elections don’t go the right way, he says, the country is liable to fracture again.

That’s a prediction that he’s made in his tome Stop the Coming Civil War, which was published over the summer by Center Street Books. And he says one man — President Barack Obama — is principally responsible.

In an interview with WorldNetDaily, Savage said Obama’s whole reason for becoming president rests with his admission during the first campaign that he sought to “fundamentally transform” the country. That, Savage notes, simply begs a question that the media at the time did not ask him, nor have they asked since: Transform the country from what to what?

Obama has never been a unifying force, says Savage

In 2004, when Obama addressed the Democratic National Convention, he instantly became a party star. Many saw in him a unique opportunity for the Democrats to seize power, especially in the midst of Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress and a GOP president, George W. Bush, in the White House. Obama’s heritage was unique, his oratorical skills impeccable, and his message solid: He spoke of an America that was neither “liberal” nor “conservative,” neither “black” nor “white.”

But, says Savage, since his first days in office, Obama’s actions have never matched his rhetoric. Instead of uniting the country, he’s divided it — so much so that his approval ratings now are the worst of his tenure.

“Obama’s been engaged in a civil war from the day he seized the presidency,” Savage told WND. “He said he’s going to transform America. What was that? What was that declaration? It’s a declaration of war against the country’s traditional values and freedoms.”

But it’s not just Obama dividing the country — and the world. It’s the Left-wing, socialist politics that he and his party practices.

Written by J. D. Heyes
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