From the look of the heart-pounding trailer, the upcoming Dec. 12 film, “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” has everything movie audiences – regardless of their faith – could want.
A story based on one of the greatest tales ever told. Top-notch Hollywood production values. Sweeping, epic cinematography. Awe-inspiring pyramids and golden-clad armies, chariots and thundering hooves, grueling sword fights and terrifying plagues that leap from the screen with multimillion-dollar special effects.

To cap it off, it stars multiple Oscar-award winning actors and actresses, including the charismatic Christian Bale and legendary Ben Kingsley, and is directed by Ridley Scott, the three-time Oscar-nominated talent who also directed the 2001 Best Picture winner, “Gladiator.”

But as some sobering new statistics reveal, what movie audiences really want to know before they spend their money on a ticket … is whether the makers of “Exodus: Gods and Kings” are trying to pull another “Noah.”

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