(NaturalNews) Lately, it seems that every supermarket has a hand-sanitizing station prominently displayed near the doors. In fact, the trend of using hand sanitizers has really ramped up in recent years, with more people carrying around their own personal-size versions of the stuff around with them.

And why not? Hand sanitizers seem like the perfect way to stay clean and disinfect on the go and don’t seem to have any downside. Unfortunately, there are some hidden down sides lurking in supposedly “clean” hand sanitizers that could lead to trouble with regular and repeated use. As you’ll see below, finding out the real truth about products we use daily is vital, especially when matters of health and well-being are concerned.


Triclosan is antibacterial chemical agent added mainly to soaps and personal care and cleaning products. Strangely, it’s also found in clothing, cookware, furniture and toys in an attempt to reduce bacteria levels. Research on triclosan has raised questions about potential hazards to human health. Triclosan has been shown to disrupt hormone regulation, disrupt immune system function and contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (i.e. superbugs). Indeed, the use of triclosan is contributing to an epidemic of antibiotic resistance. This happens when bacteria are regularly exposed to antibacterial agents; the bacteria adapt and grow stronger, more resistant and more immune.

Written by Zach C. Miller
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