Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown organization has contributed some $1.98 million to fund a ballot initiative in Washington State, outspending the NRA by a factor of 4:1 (Photo: AP)

This week the Bloomberg-backed Everytown for Gun Safety group chipped in an additional $300,000 in funds to the war chest for Washington state’s upcoming anti-gun ballot initiative, now funded at $9.45 million.

The initiative, fronted by the  Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, discloses that its top five contributors are Everytown, and billionaires Nicolas Hanauer, Connie Ballmer, and Bill and Melinda Gates. Of these, Everytown’s Action Fund has poured $1.98 million into the effort to pass the 18-page measure to increase background checks.

In defending the outlay, Everytown officials state that what is seemingly just a state ballot initiative that will affect 7 million Washingtonians is actually a national line in the sand in the fight against gun violence.

Written by Chris Eger
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