Instead of celebrating her recovery, atheists are freaking out that Nina Pham thanked God and acknowledged the power of prayer in her recovery from Ebola. She also thanked her medical team, but Atheists are acting pretty nasty because she said,”I believe in the power of prayer.” One Twitter user called her a “dumba**” and another had the nerve to say she was “spitting in the face of the medical community.” How do these people sleep at night? Seriously?

Written by Hannah Bleau
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6 thoughts on “Ebola free nurse thanks God for her recovery, and atheists are reacting in a way that will make your blood boil”
  1. So a couple random atheists on Twitter make statements and that represents the millions of atheists in the U.S.? So if a couple of Christians make dumb statements, that represents Christians as a whole? Anyway, a god or prayer didn’t treat, her, medical science, did. Believing in prayer doesn’t make it so. If she didn’t get medical treatment, but was just treated with prayer, she would have died. That’s a simple fact.

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