A pregnant mom in Rhode Island knows what sacrifice means. She served her country by serving in the military and now she is willing to sacrifice her own life not just for her country but for her own unborn child.

Andrea Ryder served two tours of duty in the marines and undoubtedly showed admirable bravery during the line of duty. Now she is showing bravery of a different kind as she has been told months into her pregnancy that she has cancer. Doctors suggested she consider having an abortion as a result.

But Ryder says that was not an option.  Here’s more on her courageous decision:

Even knowing that forgoing treatment meant she only had 3 to 6 months to live. Ryder knew in her heart she was meant to be a mother and her husband optimistically supported the decision.

“It was not like it was the beginning of the pregnancy,” Ryder said. “I was already in the second trimester and we were only a week away from finding out the gender, so I couldn’t even think of termination.”

It was a little girl and by fall doctors decided to induce her. On September 29th Olivia Marie entered the world.

Written by Steven Ertelt
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