Washington, DC  (CFAM) — Pictures of mothers and their forcibly aborted babies ricochet across the Internet. Family planning agents extort massive fines from peasants. An attorney is tortured and jailed for defending mothers. Zhang Yimou, China’s acclaimed film producer is fined $1.24 million for violating his quota of children.

Over the past six years, evidence has mounted of China’s brutal enforcement of its one-child policy. Now a U.S. congressman is accusing Obama’s top officials of breaking U.S. laws and aiding China’s forced abortions policies.

Obama has given $227 million to a UN agency that facilitates the one-child policy, and visas to Chinese officials with ties to brutal acts of forced abortions, charged Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ).

The U.S. bars federal funding of organizations complicit with China’s forced abortion and sterilization policies, or allowing foreigners directly involved in its enforcement into the U.S. “Only a handful of abusers have been denied visas,” Smith said.

Smith gave a litany of China’s abuses and how Obama officials enable them in a speech last week.

China’s harsh penalties for having a child without government permission range from abduction and forced abortion, jail, lost jobs, destroyed homes and fines up to ten-times the parents’ annual income.

Written by Wendy Wright 
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