A private ‘agent’ led by police pulls my pants away from my body and searches with a flashlight after telling me to partially remove my shirt.

In a nation fully immersed in its growing police state presence, even venturing to see a local show now subjects you to unnecessary and dehumanizing search and seizure that was once “reserved” to help “fight the war on terror.”

Even at the lowest levels within the bureaucracy-based establishment system, we are all systematically targeted as terrorists — and the reach is growing further.

I was amazed this past week to witness one of the largest concert venues in Texas, which sits just outside of Houston, completely change their security policies to virtually mimic that of the TSA’s. In less than a year, this venue went from the typical ‘glance and go’ security that was once standard at many establishments to a full protocol that includes the removal of shoes, emptying of pockets, lifting (and sometimes removing) shirts, and even a flashlight search inside of your pants.

Upon arriving at the “security checkpoint,” I was ordered to wait for the next “agent” in line to conduct his search. After being told to empty my pockets and show them the bottoms of my pocket linings, the “agent” instructed me to lift up my shirt and allow him to use his flashlight to search down my pants. Due to my cooperation with the highly necessary procedure that I am entirely sure leads to the detainment of numerous ISIS operatives (as they meanwhile can openly cross the border with zero response from the United States), I was allowed to keep my shoes on.

Written by  Anthony Gucciardi
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