A veteran magistrate in North Carolina resigned his post rather than perform same-sex weddings in his courtroom.

A North Carolina judge has resigned rather than being forced to perform same-sex marriages, because they collide with his religious beliefs.

Swain County Magistrate Gilbert Breedlove, 57, said he resigned Monday because of his personal objection to same-sex marriage. He said his Christian faith and adherence to biblical standards left him no choice in the matter.

Breedlove has been a magistrate for nearly 24 years. He started in 1990 and became ordained as a pastor in 1997.

“I was Christian when I started,” Breedlove told the Citizen-Times newspaper in Bryson City for a story on its website. “Then, the law didn’t require me to perform something that was against my religious belief. Now that law has changed its requirements.”
North Carolina’s same-sex marriage ban was struck down Oct. 10. The judgment followed an announcement made by the U.S. Supreme Court that it would not hear the appeal of the July ruling by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals striking down Virginia’s gay marriage ban. The 4th Circuit has jurisdiction over North Carolina.

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