Major companies forced to allocate protective gear to government agencies.


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The federal government is drying up the supply of Hazmat suits and protective gear according to several large distributors, fueling concerns that the deadly Ebola virus will continue to spread in the wake of  yesterday’s fourth confirmed case.

According to one such company, Boss Safety Products, protective gear has now been placed on hold for “government needs” only, as major suppliers run completely out of stock.

“Due to the recent health concerns in the country, we have been inundated with phone calls and orders for items such as respirators and protective coverall clothing,” a recorded message from the company states. “As of last week, most coveralls are now in an allocated state, meaning they are on hold for government needs at this time. We apologize, but we and our suppliers are out of stock or are on back order for a number of coveralls and related items at this time.

Several other companies speaking anonymously with Infowars also confirmed the trend, noting that Hazmat suits, which are now “hard to come by,” are being set aside specifically for government use.

The announcement comes more than a month after the U.S. State Department’s purchase of 160,000 Hazmat suits, allegedly for combating Ebola in Western Africa.

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