LifeNews Note: WARNING: This article contains very graphic descriptions and accounts of the treatment of the bodies of babies after abortion. The author retained the original spelling and grammar of the posts for accuracy, so all mistakes belong to the original posters.

One of the most convenient things about abortion is that it takes care of the perceived “problem” in a permanent way—people walk into the abortion clinic with a child growing inside them, and leave after the child’s forcible eviction. The pro-life movement tries to prevent people from entering the abortion clinic in the first place, and urges people to seek healing if they decide to go through with the abortion after all.

So what happens to the babies after they are killed?

Some, we know, are cremated. Others are tossed in the trash, and discovered by pro-lifers like Dr. Monica Miller, who dutifully record their fate and give them the funeral and respect their humanity demands. But what about the other babies—the ones shipped off in containers and sealed buckets to pathology labs? When searching for the answer to that question, I found a series of horrifying testimonies on a Student Doctor Network Forum hosted by St. George’s University. On the discussion board, those who worked with the bodies of aborted babies shared their horror at what they saw.

“Anyone get tripped on these?” one wrote (spelling and grammar errors his), “I’m talking especially the big ones, where you can actually make out facial expressions like they knew they were being hacked the hell up (im serious). I almost went bonkers once over one, that is some scary crap. Am I the only pathologist who freaks when a 0.5 cm eye ball comes rolling out of bag and stares right at you…I know we are thinking this, just no one in pathology is talking about it.”

Written by Jonathon Van Maren
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