OKLAHOMA CITY – A man has been taken in for mental evaluation after allegedly vandalizing the Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

U.S. Secret Service Agents say it all started after a man walked into the Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City Friday morning making strange threats against the President and Federal Government.

Agents say he then admitted to them that he crashed his car into the Ten Commandments monument at the Capitol, then left his damaged car and walked to the Federal Building.

The Secret Service says the man told them that Satan made him crash his car into the statue.

He also told agents that Satan told him to urinate on the statue.

Written by KFOR-TV & L. NOLAND
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5 thoughts on “Suspect says Satan made him smash into Oklahoma Ten Commandments monument”
  1. Was that the best Satan could do?? If it WAS satan, and not a psychotic disorder, we will be hearing from him again. In the meantime, take your meds and sleep it off…we’ll be waiting! LOL! Never know! 😄😄

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