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A three-year-old girl has been banned from a kindergarten in Italy after her classmates’ parents protested her return over fears she could have Ebola after a vacation in Uganda. Despite no cases registered there, parents demanded a full check-up.

The girl’s parents have been forced to keep the child at home for a week after other parents threatened to boycott the public school in the town of Fiumicino, near Rome, despite the child feeling fine and showing no symptoms.

“Uganda is Ebola-free, and anyway I had my kids tested to make sure they are in good health,” the child’s father said to In Terris online newspaper.“There was no actual reason to imagine a risk…the only explanation is we were coming from Africa. What happened is pure madness.”

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Italy’s health minister, who expressed solidarity with the girl’s family, has called the situation “alarming” and condemned parents for an“absolutely unjustified” reaction.

In her statement, Beatrice Lorenzin stressed that“Uganda is not a country affected by Ebola and is very far from the area in West Africa struck by Ebola.” In fact, Uganda is nearly 5,000km (almost 3,000 miles) from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, the three most severely Ebola-hit countries.

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