Brittany Maynard is planning to commit suicide on Nov. 1. (Facebook)

The hype is everywhere. A multitude of news stories, a segment on 60 Minutes and a multi-page spread in People magazine are all celebrating Brittany Maynard’s decision to kill herself on Nov. 1. But who is telling her the truth?

Yes, Brittany has a very touching, yet tragic, tale to tell about her terminal brain cancer, but she has an opportunity to witness to a faith in God and a submission to His will for her life. This acceptance could be a shining example to her generation that life is precious and we all need to use every moment we have to give love and encouragement to others in similar situations. Instead, she is delivering one message: When the going gets tough, give up.

Brittany has now been victimized twice—first by the cancer, and now by those in society who will have facilitated her death and even pressed for it by various methods and self-interests, those who mistakenly proclaim that a human being is in complete control of his own life when it is well known that the Bible confirms that man is created in the image of God. Therefore, an attack on an innocent human being with the intention of ending that person’s life—even by the person herself—is a direct attack on God Himself.

Written by Judie Brown
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