This October 22, 2014 photo shows police and medical personell moving a wounded person into an ambulance at the scene of a shooting at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, Canada. (AFP Photo/Michel Comte)

A manhunt is on for armed assailants after several rounds of gunfire tore through Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada and other city locations. Local police stations and military bases nationwide are on lockdown as police attempt to locate the culprits.

Three separate incidents began with the shooting of a soldier at a war memorial. The assailants apparently wreaked havoc at other city locations – including the main government building. Police confirmed one on Parliament Hill, one at the war memorial, and one near a local shopping mall.

“So I’m locked down in Center Block on Parliament Hill after at least one shooter burst in and opened fire,” local reporter Josh Wingrove stated. “I heard dozens of gunshots and the smell of gunpowder is heavy in the hallways right now.”

Wingrove also reported seeing a motionless body inside the parliament building, which he could not confirm to be either dead or alive.

Some 30 shots were fired inside the building, an eyewitness told Reuters. The gunman was subsequently chased by police into the center block of the building.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper managed to exit the building safely.

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