Keith and Donielle Wilde have been married for 17 years and own a concrete business in North Carolina. They are also the parents to nine children under the age of 12. In April, the couple discovered that they were expecting their tenth child.

Although they were surprised by the pregnancy, they were very excited. However, shortly after Donielle became pregnant, doctors found that her breast cancer, which had been in remission for ten years, returned.

The couple shared their story with the Catholic News Herald:

The beginning of this year was extremely difficult for Keith and me. The business, financial stressors, and 11 of us living under the same roof had us both feeling maxed out. In our minds, we were sure that God had given us all that we could handle.

However, God would soon reveal that He had other plans. Since we were using NFP (Natural Family Planning), we were more than a little surprised to find out we were pregnant with our 10th child. After sharing our feelings of joy and excitement, we began to wonder how God could think we were able to handle more. But He never let us down before. He always provided for us in the past, and we were confident this time would be no different.

So they accepted the unexpected pregnancy with joy and prepared to welcome their 10th child, a fifth daughter.

But when Donielle went to her OB-GYN for a routine ultrasound at nine weeks into her pregnancy, life took another unexpected turn. The ultrasound revealed a large mass on one of her ovaries – a discovery they would have never made if it weren’t for the new life growing right beside it.

Written by Sarah Zagorski 
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